What the greeks have contributed to

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Greek religion

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What Contributions Did the Greeks Give to Modern Day Society?

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What the Greeks Have Contributed to Current Day Society

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What Contributions Did the Greeks Give to Modern Day Society?

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Greek Contributions to the Modern World?

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The ancient Greeks contributed many important things to the modern world and were one of the founding cultures of western civilization. Art is one of the aspects for which the Greeks are best known. The Romans might have grabbed all the accolades for best ancient engineers but the Greeks did have their own mechanical devices which allowed them to move massive chunks of marble using the block and tackle, winch, and crane for their huge temples and city walls.

Which civilization contributed more, Greeks or Romans? That’s a bit of a moot question. Without Rome lots of things Greek might not have come to us. It was Roman civilization which preserved much of the essence of Greek civilization, and through its admiration for their ‘older brothers’ handed.

Its form and style—influenced by religious ritual, traditionally thought to have contributed to the emergence of Greek theatre—were dictated by its performance in the great dramatic competitions of the spring and winter. Many buildings in Washington, D.C.

were based on classical Greek buildings. Universities and colleges, such as the University of Virginia, have ancient Greek influenced structures. The beautiful, clean style is still appreciated today. Art.

Five Things That Ancient Greece Has Contributed to Modern Culture

During the Classical and Hellenistic periods of Greek art, the ancient Greeks idolized the human form. What the Greeks Have Contributed to Current Day Society Essay The book Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter by Thomas Cahill centered on the ancient Greek culture - What the Greeks Have Contributed to Current Day Society Essay introduction.

What the greeks have contributed to
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