What is the primary cause for

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Primary Insomnia

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Origins of the American Civil War

But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a. Jan 09,  · Scientists Agree: Global Warming is Happening and Humans are the Primary Cause.

Just the Essentials of Essential Hypertension

Human fingerprints Image: IPCC AR5. The acceptance of human-caused emissions as the cause of warming is not keeping pace with those that believe it is happening, but it is at 53 percent. The main cause of poverty is unproductiveness of the ones that are in poverty.

This productiveness thing is hard to grasp for some people. I think you are one of them people who don’t understand that because you asked this question. Cancer prevention is action taken to lower the risk of getting cancer. This can include maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding exposure to known cancer-causing substances, and taking medicines or vaccines that can prevent cancer from developing.

The primary cause is an occurrence that would make an individual more vulnerable to a particular phisigmasigmafiu.com disorder would most likely not occur without this event. The Primary Cause of Disease. In recent tests mosquitoes refused to bite persons who were well supplied with vitamin B phisigmasigmafiu.comore, it may be inferred that malnutrition now is to .

What is the primary cause for
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