What is group think

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Herd mentality

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Group Think

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Groupthink: Groupthink, mode of thinking in which individual members of small cohesive groups tend to accept a viewpoint or conclusion that represents a perceived group consensus, whether or not the group members believe it to be valid, correct, or optimal.

Groupthink reduces the efficiency of collective. Tendency of the members of a group to yield to the desire for consensus or unanimity at the cost of considering alternative courses of phisigmasigmafiu.com-think is said to be the reason why intelligent and knowledgeable people make disastrous decisions.

Herd mentality, mob mentality and pack mentality, also lesser known as gang mentality, describes how people can be influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors on a largely emotional, rather than rational, basis.

Social psychologists study the related topics of group intelligence, crowd wisdom, and decentralized decision making. The idea for Structures Brewing was conceived in a remote cabin in the Green Mountain National Forest, while working for a large regional brewery in the North East, USA.

Groupthink occurs when the pressure to conform within a group interferes with that group's analysis of a problem and causes poor group decision making. Groupthink occurs when a group with a particular agenda makes irrational or problematic decisions because its members value harmony and coherence over accurate analysis and critical evaluation.

Examples of Groupthink What is group think
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