What is beard thesis in framing the constitution

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Discuss Beard's arguments in Framing the Constitution.

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I am not entirely certain that everyone commenting on Charles Beard’s essay “Framing the Constitution” actually read it. Beard is far more nuanced than the other comments would suggest. Charles Beard’s suggested that the Constitution was a document that was only created to protect the framer’s wealth.

Beard believed that the reason why the rich framers wanted to protect against majority rule was to prevent the majority to overthrow the rich. Charles A. Beard 31 3 Framing the Constitution Charles A.

Beard As Blackstone* shows b illustratioy happy thne reason an spirid otf a law are to be. Charles A. Beard, Framing The Constitution,Beard’s main thesis in this book is essentially that the Founding Fathers chose the specific format of the Constitution of the United States to protect their personal financial interests.

Beard then goes on to argue. On Charles Beards Constitution that Beard offers to support his thesis. First of all, he presents an analysis Robert E. Brown, Charles Beard and the Constitution (New York: W.W.

Norton and Company, ) 13, THE POLITICAL SCIENCE REVIEWER Beard admits that he is a pioneer in this research and that his work is.

What is beard thesis in framing the constitution
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Framing The Constitution By Charles Beard Thesis