Two kinds themeantagonist and protagonist of the two kinds

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Discuss the story and the lesson in

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The seven types of love discussed below are loosely based on classical readings, especially of Plato and Aristotle, Pragma may seem opposed to ludus, but the two can co-exist. The protagonist is the main character, often a hero.


The antagonist is the character who opposes the protagonist, often a villain. Of course, stories can have multiple protagonists and antagonists, and dynamic characters can even switch between these roles as the story develops.

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The setting for the story is in the protagonist. We’re talking about the organic evolution of two people pitted against each other.

must stop him–you can then use this outer conflict to create organic catalyst after organic catalyst within your protagonist’s inner evolution. The 5 Types of Antagonist-Driven Stakes How to Plot a Book: Start With the Antagonist [ ] Reply.

Protagonist vs. Antagonist – What’s the Difference?


Two kinds themeantagonist and protagonist of the two kinds
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