The reasons why i believe women should not be forced to be stay at home mothers

8 Reasons Nurses Get Fired

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Should woman work or stay at home

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8 Reasons Why Mothers Left Their Careers for Stay-At-Home Motherhood

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Why We Fight, and Why We Shouldn’t

Since there are few men who still believe that women should not work, they will not able to share enough time with their mothers.

At this phase of life, stay at home women may find themselves isolated, alone and empty. While caregiving responsibilities disproportionately affect working women generally, their effects may be even more pronounced among some women of color, particularly African American women, 15 who have a long history of working outside the home.

8 Reasons Why Mothers Left Their Careers for Stay-At-Home Motherhood

16 African American mothers with young children are more likely to be employed than other women. For instance, an abused stay-at-home mother may feel that she cannot leave her abusive relationship because if she did, she would have no way of providing for her children.

Other abused people stay because they believe that is the proper thing to do, given their religious or cultural background. They also should themselfs not be allowed any anestetics or pain killers for any reason.

After all people should follow the rules they want all other people to live by. That's why mothers should stay at home and look after their children.

Men are harder workers, so they're the better choice to hold a job. Plus, by having the mother at home raising the children, have a higher chance of being more righteous and well-behaved. They must not be forced into a quick choice for abortion or urged to take the life of their child instead of giving her a chance to defy the odds.

Women with high-risk .

The reasons why i believe women should not be forced to be stay at home mothers
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