The life of henry james and his works as a reflection of the old and new world

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William James

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But at some five hundred replays it is only half the introduction of The Factors of Psychology, befitting its more important, if still large, scope. By focusing on the clash of old world and new with works like The Portrait of a Lady, James came to be a significant figure of trans-Atlantic literature.

Throughout his career, his work reflected his background as the son of a philosopher and intellectual. With his marriage into Alice H.

Henry James

Gibbens of Cambridge, Mass., a new life began for James. The old neurasthenia practically disappeared. He went at his tasks with a zest and an energy of which his earlier record had given no hint.

Henry James at eight years old with his father, Henry James, Sr. Daguerreotype by Mathew Brady, Henry James was born in New York City into a wealthy, intellectually inclined family.

His father, Henry James Sr., was interested in various religious and literary pursuits. Henry James homely, the worldly wisdom that came out of reflection on native ground rather than out of action and life abroad.

James spoke of them as would a cosmopolite for whom the Old World and the. Michael Gorra's new critical biography, Portrait of a Novel: Henry James and the Making of an American Masterpiece, tells the story of how James' most popular and enduring novel, The Portrait of a Lady, came to be written; and of what happened to him because of it.

Gorra, the Mary Augusta Jordan Professor of English at Smith College, gives us his favorites of the prolific writer's novels and longer stories. His father Henry James Sr. was a well known clergyman and a rich intellectual having connections with some of the most influential and educated people of the time.

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The life of henry james and his works as a reflection of the old and new world
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