The benefits of using statistical process control

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Understanding the Hierarchy of Process Control

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Control charts enable the use of objective criteria for distinguishing background variation from events of significance based on statistical techniques. Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a method for achieving quality control in manufacturing processes.

It is a set of methods by using statistics such as mean, standard deviation and others to find out whether the process observed is under statistical control.

Quality control refers to the process, most often implemented in manufacturing, of monitoring the quality of finished products through statistical measures and an overall corporate commitment to producing defect-free products.

Control charts show if a process is in control or out of control. Shewhart [, p.6] defined control by saying: a phenomenon will be said to be controlled when, through the use of past experience, we can predict, at least within limits, how the phenomenon may be expected to vary in the future.

To monitor – control a process over time. FIELD OF APPLICATION GENERAL APPLICATION Control Charts can be used2: When controlling ongoing processes by finding and correcting problems as they occur.

When predicting the expected range of outcomes from a process.

Making data count

When determining whether a process is stable (in statistical control). Preface Quality Control and Healthcare Today As we enter the new millennium, healthcare organizations are facing new challenges and must continually improve their services to .

The benefits of using statistical process control
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