Should the federal tax on gasoline

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Excise Tax

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Whether you're looking for more fuel efficiency, an eco-friendly car that won't give you range anxiety, or maybe even the added oomph of a torquey electric motor, hybrid cars have a lot to offer. is federal government website that helps consumers make informed fuel economy choices when purchasing a vehicle and helps them achieve the.

excise tax

The following table provides a historical summary of federal gasoline tax rates: Until the s, the federal gas tax was used to help pay the federal government’s regular bills. With the inception of the national interstate system inrevenues from the gas. Definition of excise tax: A Federal or state tax imposed on the manufacture and distribution of certain non-essential consumer goods.

Examples of excise. The federal gas tax has not been raised in over 2 decades. If it had been indexed to inflation, cents per gallon then would be 29 cents per gallon today. Increasing the gas tax is the easiest and most logical way to increase revenue for the Highway Trust Fund, and it will continue to be a reliable revenue source well into the future.

Gas taxes are how we fund federal transportation spending. Currently, the gas tax is just cents per gallon, the same as it was in — and one-third less once adjusted for inflation.

Fuel taxes in the United States Should the federal tax on gasoline
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