Sexulization of women in the media

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Hyper-Sexualization of Women in the Media

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Sexualization of women and girls

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Social psychologist Sarah Murnen has studied the hypersexualization of women in media for more than 25 years. The research that she and her colleagues at Kenyon College conducted over the last. The sexualization of women of color is different than the sexualization of white women.

The media plays a significant role in this sexualization. "The media are likely to have powerful effects if the information is presented persistently, consistently, and corroborated among forms. Jun 03,  · The media's sexualization of women is inescapable.

You turn on your computer, you walk down the street, you ride the bus, you turn on the TV -- the images bombard you. Examine the presence or absence of the sexualization of girls and women in all media but especially in movies, music videos, music lyrics, video games, books, blogs and Internet sites.

In particular, research is needed to examine the extent to which girls are portrayed in sexualized and objectified ways and whether this has increased over time. The American Psychological Association (APA) suggests that the proliferation of sexual images of girls and young women in the media is harming their self-image and development.

Oct 09,  · Another finding of the study was the girls who spent a lot of time with media and who had mothers who were overly invested in their own appearance were more .

Sexulization of women in the media
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