Okair sazi the traditional paper cut

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The Woes of Arts and Crafts in Multan

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SAZi Studio Ceramics

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Thousands of traditional and contemporary craft courses and workshops across the UK, including textiles, jewellery, ceramics, wood, glass, stone, metal, wax. Āhār mohra, the treatment of the paper with starch or rice water so that the pen may glide more easily on its surface.

Āstar-e badraqa (end paper), paper for lining inner side of the cover facing the text. ʿAṭf, the middle part of the two sides of a cover that are joined together (back or back strip). This present research focuses on one of the craft of Multan which is known as Okair Sazi, the traditional paper cut work of Multan.

This is delusively known as indigenous craft of Multan that represents the rich culture and tradition. The Chinese invented paper two thousand years ago. Intricate paper cuts have been believed to bring good fortune when hung outside doorways and on windows.

In the past created mainly by women, who learned to cut complex designs of pomegranates, peach blossom and lotus flower, as well as the symbolic animals of the Chinese lunar calendar.

Okair sazi the traditional paper cut
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