Human nature in the war of the worlds

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What does the ‘War of the Worlds’ tell us about human nature Essay

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The War of the Worlds Summary

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Human nature and war : an anthology of readings

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Fear and self-interest is in human nature, so is war. The person with the mightiest weapon could use it to crush foes and ward off potential enemies. Now, that weapon becomes a source of terror, and so people rise up to face the foreseen evil person.

A picture of human nature as conceived by the minds of those responsible for the first World War can be found in the writings of Treitschke, Nietzsche, and Bernhardi.

War Of The Worlds as social commentary. Looking a little into the sensibilities and social commentary of H.G. Wells one can see that The War Of The Worlds was addditionally part of his ongoing crusade towards the need for the establishment of social democracy as the ultimate form of government. War isn't part of human nature but competition is Not as much war as just competition debating on who is the best such as the Olympics and world's strongest man.

The War of the Worlds shows different aspects of human nature by explaining what would happen in a large crisis. We see different reactions to the danger: some good, altruistic people come out, but also the universal survival instinct that Wells believes we all possess.

In The War of the Worlds, Martians invade England. These Martians are worm-like creatures who intend to use Earth as a feeding ground, and the Earthlings are powerless to stop this.

In the end.

Human nature in the war of the worlds
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