An overview of the american government on the topic of gay marriages

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Same-sex marriage in the United States

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Gay marriage persuasive essay

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Welcome to Massachusetts

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The average person who has been spoon-fed what he knows from the controlled establishment (the establishment’s news, churches, and schools) is overwhelmed and in denial that mind-control can be happening. The same-sex marriage debate may have had an impact on the outcome of the presidential election.

Ohio, which in was holding a referendum on a constitutional ban on gay marriage, was the state that ultimately gave President Bush the electoral votes he needed to beat Sen. John Kerry. In fact, interracial marriages were illegal in thirteen states until (So you want to know about gay marriage).

Today if someone opposes an interracial marriage, the majority of the population would now say that the person is just a racist and needs to mind his own business. If you were to re-read tsmart's opening argument, it would be clear that he is not arguing against gay marriage.

Rather, because of the separation of church and state, tsmart believes government does not have the right to enforce laws that contradict the church's beliefs. Rauch’s new book Gay Marriage: Why It Is Good for Gays, Good for Straights, and Good for America was the starting point for a Brookings panel addressing the issue and its affect on American.

An overview of the american government on the topic of gay marriages
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Background of the Issue - Gay Marriage -