An introduction to the issue of pesticides and toxins in foods all around the world

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Agricultural Pesticides and Human Health

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An analysis of the most popular lawn and garden pesticides shows more than half of the products include ingredients classified by the EPA or the World Health Organization as possible carcinogens, one-third contain known or suspected endocrine disruptors, and more than a quarter contain reproductive toxins.

The latest buzzword in the food industry is “neutra-ceuticals,” plant-derived substances added to foods to make them “healthier.” This is the food industry’s solution to the problem of sluggish growth and declining profit margins on processed foods.

Fig. 2: Toxicity of the world’s best selling pesticides in plotted against their year of first introduction (Sources: The Pesticide Manual (Tomlin ) and Phillips McDougall ).

The graph shows the toxicity of the 15 best selling her- bicides, the 15 best selling insecticides and the 14 best selling fungicides. Pesticides have proved to be a boon for the farmers as well as people all around the world by increasing agricultural yield and by providing innumerable benefi ts to society indirectly.

Nutrition Lesson Food Saftey. If pesticides have been used on fresh fruits and vegetables in the U.S., what can be said about the safety of those foods? a) Pesticides will kill all of the insects on the foods making them safe to eat.

b) Some foods tested by the FDA had pesticide levels exceeding safe limits. Review "Natural Toxins.

An introduction to the issue of pesticides and toxins in foods all around the world
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