An introduction to the himalayas the highest mountain system in the world

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Top 10 Mountain Ranges in the World

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How The Himalayas Shape Climate In Asia

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How The Himalayas Shape Climate In Asia

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The Himalayas are the highest mountain ranges in the world, and from them flow the major rivers of Asia. The kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan are located along the. Mount Everest or Qomolangma is the highest mountain in the world, with a peak at 8, metres (29, ft) above sea level.

It is also the tallest mountain in the world from base to peak. Mount Everest is located in the Mahalangur section of the Himalayas. Watch video · NATURE takes us on a stunning journey to the Himalayas. From Everest to the Tibetan Plateau, from the Gaumukh to the Ganges, this episode introduces us to a complex, interconnected natural world that continues to inspire, challenge and amaze the human race.

The Himalayas rise in steps from the plains of northern India, which have an elevation of about 1, feet ( m.) above sea level. Mount Everest (29, feet; 8, m.), which lies between Tibet and the kingdom of Nepal, is the highest mountain in the world.

Himalayas. I. Introduction. Himalayas, also Himalaya Among these peaks are the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest ( m/29, ft), which is on the Nepal-Tibet border; The Himalayan mountain system developed in a series of stages 30 to 50 million years ago.

An introduction to the himalayas the highest mountain system in the world
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