An analysis of the crisis surrounding the use of social media by gang members

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Social Media Crisis Management: How to Prepare and Execute a Plan

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Most Gang Members Use Social Media, Study Finds

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Crisis Management and Communications (Updated September 2014)

Social Media Transforms the Way Chicago Fights Gang Violence With somedocumented gang members, Chicago has more gang members than any other city with the possible exception of Los.

How Social Media Can Be Used To Stop Gang Violence This Columbia University professor and former Chicago social worker wants to use an algorithm to curb gun violence nationwide. Share Tweet Email SMS. Gang members use social media to incite violence.

New trend in social media behavior has connections to hip hop music.

Social Media Transforms the Way Chicago Fights Gang Violence

Expressions of masculinity by African American males. The process by which people internalize the values, beliefs, and norms required to become functioning members of a given society is known as socialization _______ refers to a social position, while_________ designates socially expected behavior.

Gang members collectively perceive a threat from a rival gang (which increases gang cohesion). A mobilizing event occurs -- possibly, but not necessarily, violent. There is an escalation of activity.

“Internet Banging” – Co-opting Social Media for Gang-Related Violent Activities An analysis of the crisis surrounding the use of social media by gang members
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