A description of the beatles as one of the most famous and popular rock n roll groups in the world

Best Rock Songs by The Beatles

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The Beatles were an ultra popular, British rock group that helped shape the s. John changed the spelling of the name to "Beatles" as a pun for "beat music," another name for rock 'n' roll. Inback in Hamburg, Stu quit the band and went back to studying art, so Paul took up the bass guitar. What Happened to the Beatles Before.

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One of thier first rock hits, and cool to listen to. - westofohio. 24 Day Tripper. This music is considered the most rerecorded music of the world and the best Paul McCartney song, When he were in the.

If you want to be picky, the "Rock and Roll" era ended when the Beatles gave birth to 60s pop. There's nothing particularly rock and roll about pop or "hard rock"- this is really the popular music continuum sincealthough I find it interesting that there is a place for Blues and Country legends such as Muddy Waters and Johnny Cash but not folk legend Woody Guthrie.

The Beatles wrote so many iconic songs that it's hard to elevate just one above the rest. But if we say that which was the most famous and popular Beatles song of the 60’s and 70’s then my answer will be definitely ‘FROM YOU TO ME’ by beetles.

"I know it's only rock 'n' roll, but I like it." It has to be "Yesterday". It has more. Readers Comments Alan Brooks [email protected] PLEASE PLEASE ME is a good start, but it is my least fave fab recording-- it's just too simple. 'There's A Place' is very good, and the rest of the CD is competent; however, there's a reason the Beatles didn't become world famous until they weren't great composers until that year.

A description of the beatles as one of the most famous and popular rock n roll groups in the world
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