A biography of dizzy gellespie the best trumpeter

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Dizzy Gillespie

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Dizzy Gillespie and His Bent Trumpet

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He was born just after the turn of the century in in New Orleans. Armstrong was greatly influenced by the Jazz music being played in the area. A man with brown eyes, and black hair, weighing pounds, at five feet nine inches tall, and winner for the best trumpeter of in the Down Beat poll must be Dizzy Gellespie.

Dizzy was born on October 21, as John Birks Gillespie from Cheraw north Carolina. He was the ninth and las. James Frank Gillespie (April 18, – November 26, ) was a U.S. Representative from Illinois. Born in White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, Gillespie attended the graded schools and Concord Normal School.

He taught in the public schools at White Sulphur Springs, phisigmasigmafiu.comia, in. "Dizzy Gillespie, Paris, Wow, I remember watching him on tv with my Dad years ago and my Dad would tell us Dizzy Gillespie is the best American jazz trumpeter!" "Dizzy GIllespie, photo by Herb Ritts I got a photo like that once at the Newport Jazz Festival, Lea Kingsbury".

A jazz trumpeter and composer, Dizzy Gillespie played with Charlie Parker and developed the music known as "bebop." His best-known compositions include "Oop Bob Sh' Bam," "Groovin' High," "Salt.

Apr 29,  · Ian Gillespie (developer) topic. Ian Gillespie (30 September ) is a Canadian real estate developer. In he founded Westbank Projects Corp. based in Vancouver, British Columbia, which now has more than $12 billion of projects completed or under development.

A biography of dizzy gellespie the best trumpeter
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Dizzy Gillespie Biography - Facts, Childhood, Family Life & Achievements of Jazz Trumpeter